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Sacred Paths Metaphysical Shop

  • Enhance your spiritual practice with specialty ritual supplies and accessories

  • Delve into the vast field of metaphysics as you browse a wide range of books, CD's  and other items to expand your consciousness

  • We supply incense, candles, crystals, journals, CD's, books, altar cloths, ritual garb, jewellery, and much more



  • By appointment only

  • Please call 246 426 7815 or 230 9094 to make arrangements


Oracle / Guidance Readings

  • Readings about your life paths are performed using the 'Healing with the Fairies' oracle cards (by Doreen Virtue)


Chakra Readings & Aura Clearing

  • Chakras are read (to check for imbalances or blockages) using a crystal pendulum, and then attuned with the appropriate gemstones

  • Auric clearing is performed by smudging with sage and crystal work


All readings and crystal work are performed within a consecrated, sacred space.

Contact Ajna Holistic Sanctuary for the current schedule of marketplace events.


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