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Sacred Goddess Workshops 2019


Learn the ways of goddess spirituality to honor and heal the feminine mind, body & soul.  Workshops are held at Ajna Holistic Sanctuary.


Click on the links below for details


CALL TO RSVP: 246 426 7815 or 230 9094

Do you want to join our tribe of brujas? We are empowered women that honour our indigenous ancestors and spirituality

Become a member and receive weekly / monthly readings, rituals, and much more...

Sacred Paths Gatherings & Esbats 2019 (Moon Ceremonies)

February 3: 4 - 6pm, $50

  • Healing with elemental fire

March 17: 4 - 6pm, $50

  • Healing with elemental water

May 5: 4 - 6pm, $50

  • A crafting workshop on ritual adornment

September 22: 4 - 6pm, $50

  • A crafting workshop on indigenous magickal brooms

Sacred Womb 2018

January 21: 2 - 3.30pm, $25

February 18: 2 - 3.30pm, $25

  • How chakras (energy centers) affect and relate to the womb

  • Chakra reference guide

March 18: 6-8pm, $25

  • Exploring the root and sacral chakras

  • Birthing new ideas

April 15: 2 -3.30pm, $25

  • Exploring the heart chakra

  • Learning to love ourselves

May 13: 4-6pm, $25

  • Sacred unions

June 10: 4 - 6pm, $30

  • Exploring Sacred Unions - A Love Story, with special guest Michelle Cross (Tantra Yoga Teacher)

June 17: 4 - 6pm, $30

September 23: 4 - 6pm, $50

  • Shadow Work - balancing the light and dark aspects of self

  • Full Moon Esbat and celebration of Fall Equinox

October 28: 4 - 6pm, $50

  • Full Moon Esbat and celebration of Samhain / Hallow's Eve

  • Learn practical tools of divination 


Monthly discussion sessions on healing the physical, emotional and spiritual womb. 


* Held on specified Sundays 4 - 6pm.  Cost $50

(please note new changes)

Topics covered will include:

  • Female anatomy

  • Moon cycles

  • Self-healing

Location: 'Winsome Cottage', Upton, St. Michael, Barbados



Mysteries of the Goddess 2018

Dates to be announced!

Initiation training through online teachings and practical gatherings.  Here are some of the modules that will be covered:

February 4 - Candle Magick (practical), 6-8pm $25

Using empowered candles during ritual practice

April 29 - Fertility Magick (practical), 4-6pm $25

  • Making fertility dolls. Check out a preview of what to expect HERE


November 18 - Sacred Words (discussion session), 4-6pm

Donations welcome - open to all

  • Learn how to use words, mantras and sigils to enhance your magick

Magick & Ritual (practical)

* Pre-requisite for beginners

Dressing the Goddess (practical)

Head-to-toe self-care with natural remedies

Sacred Spaces / Creating Zen (online)

Cleansing and clearing spaces

Altars (online)

Creating altar spaces for meditation and ritual

Magickal Tools (practical)

Explore the uses of altar tools and make/decorate your own (wands, journal, mirror, athame, etc)

Spellcasting (practical)

Using correspondences (colour, energy, symbols, etc) to create your own rituals

Astrology (online)

Zodiac correspondences

Crystal Healing (practical)

Learn to use crystals for self-healing and divination

Chakra Healing (practical)

Attributes, meditations and balancing tools


Witches' Garden & Herbs (online)

Explore the magickal and healing properties of local herbs and plants

Divination (practical)

Exploring dowsing, scrying, palmistry, numerology, tarot and more

Sacred Words & Thoughts (practical)

Affirmations and meditation practice

Elemental Magick (practical)

Using the elements of earth, air, fire and water 



Location: 'Winsome Cottage', Upton, St. Michael, Barbados

Goddess Yoga (female only class)


Weekly: Sundays 4 - 5.30 pm    BDS $25


No yoga on workshop days!

Location: 'Winsome Cottage', Upton, St. Michael, Barbados



Moon Esbats 2018   


Location: 'Winsome Cottage', Upton, St. Michael, Barbados

New & Full Moon Online Posts:

Discussions, meditations and rituals to honor the energies of the Moon. 


Sacred goddess teachings and self-healing techniques will also be explored.


Each esbat will be dedicated to a specific theme or energy, based on the astrological sign and/or holy day that the date falls within or near.


Holy Day / Moon Esbat dates are as follows:


January 16 - New moon in Capricorn (online)

February 4 - Candlemas (gathering), 6-8pm, $25

February 15 - New moon in Aquarius (online)

March 18 - Sacred Womb & Spring Equinox Celebration (gathering), 6-8pm, $25

April 29 - Beltane Celebration (gathering), 4-6pm, $25

June 21 - Summer Solstice (online ref: June newsletter)

August 1 - Lammas (online ref: July newsletter)

September 23 - Sacred Womb & Fall Equinox Esbat (online ref: September newsletter), 4-6pm, $50

October 28 - Sacred Womb & Samhain Esbat (online ref: October newsletter),

4-6pm, $50



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