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Sacred Paths School of Mystical Artes

Sacred Paths School of Mystical Artes offers modular lessons in occult studies, complete with a PDF workbook and other resources.  Please click on the link below to view our schedule of online or in-person workshops. 
Prices are quoted in Barbados dollars.  Rate US $1 : BDS $2
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    Direct connection with Deities, Ancestors and Spirit Guides


    The powers of nature


    Vibrational healing and magick (crystals, plant allies, etc)

    Personal transformation and empowerment

Workshops and course information posted below

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Follow Your Sacred Path...    


90-Day Spiritual Coaching Package


  • Guidance and chakra readings (at the start and the end of the program)

  • Weekly 1-on-1 calls and email support

  • PDF workbooks

Modules include theoretical and practical application of Witchcraft, working with the chakras, as well as journal prompts to guide your growth.  You will be mentored through processes that will lead you to owning your magick with confidence!


Investment of BDS $ 2,500.00 if paid in full (US $ 1,250.00)

Monthly payment plans of BDS $ 900.00 / month (US $ 450.00 / month)

This coaching program is suitable for beginner to intermediate practitioners who wish to journey into Witchcraft.

*Start anytime for your personal coaching program*

Email to Sign-Up or for further details:


Pendulum Magick Workshop: Tuesday August 2, 2022      3-6pm    $150


Learn the art of divination using a pendulum.  Participants will learn to connect with their pendulum in order to receive answers as well as to program and direct the pendulum to energetically charge and discharge items.  This powerful tool can be applied to all aspects of a ritual practice.  


Bring your own pendulum or purchase in-store.  All types of pendulums can be used in this workshop.

Please contact Ajna Holistic Sanctuary for further details 1 246 230 9094 or 1 246 426 7815

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